atypicalLIVING covers… The Love Movement

This edition of atypicalLIVING covers… what could be Shaun Castro’s final art show in Hawaii. Shaun’s been homies with the atypicalLIVING crew since day zero, so we were more than happy to swing by and show the Love at the Love Movement. I’ve personally seen Shaun grow both as a person and an artist for darn near 4 years now. This show felt like the culmination of those years of growth. From the beginning sketches to the BFA show to all the groundUP events… and now, these wonderful masterpieces that will push the envelope for Hawaii art and Hawaii artists for the next season.

The gauntlet has been thrown, who’s willing to bring it?

Big ups to Shaun for throwing some dope pieces up there, including the ill Jesus Piece. Also, big ups to the Prototype Operatives for providing a dope spot and a chill atmosphere to hold such events.

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All the paintings are for sale, check them out at Prototype is any of them interests you. Also, the shirt that Shaun is rocking is for sale. You can pick up the Shaun Castro x Prototype collabo shirt from Prototype.