Kicks/HI “The Yuki” Military Fitted Cap

This Saturday, Kicks/HI releases a special Cap, dedicated to one of their own.

“The Yuki” is a reference to the one and only manager of Kicks/HI, Yuki.  The story goes that Yuki would always rock a cap just like this every day a couple of years ago.  This, I can confirm, as my usual stops into the Makaloa shop would find Yuki, behind the counter, rocking the Military cap.

So, to pay homage to their hard working manager, the Kicks/HI crew created this cap and named it after him.

The color scheme is very simple: ripstop cotton solid blue or solid black, with the Kicks/HI established tag on the side.  Perfect for any type of gear you plan on rocking this Spring and into Summer.  Besides, with the weather starting to warm up again, you need something to protect your dome.

The caps will be available this Saturday at both the Makaloa and Ward locations.

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