lightsleepers x angry woebots x APB skateboard deck release commercial 

I’d have to say that the title above the video is about the longest thing I’ve ever had to type out on this site. And I’m including the 2006 Holiday Guide in that mix as well.

Anyway, if you didn’t know by now… the lightsleepers, angry woebots and Chinatown’s official skateshop, apb, have collaborated on one of the illest decks to hit the streets in a long time.

To hype up the release even more, the folks at Gift Pictures covered woes pinting up the outer windows of apb a few nights ago. Even the build up to the deck release if dope.

For those that forgot, the lightsleepers x woes skate deck is dropping this Friday at apb. Starting at 5pm, woes will be on hand, signing and numbering the limited edition decks. This one looks to sell out quick, so be sure to get there early to get yours.

For more info, check out the lightsleepers, angry woebots, or apb.