atypicalLIVING Covers… Leilow Grand Opening

atypicalLIVING went out and covered the first day in somehting that has been a long time coming. or years now, Jules Gayton ran one of the most influential streetwear boutiques in a side room of Kicks/HI’s Makaloa location.

Now, after a couple days of being down, Leilow returned with a vengeance in their very own location spot, just next door to Kicks/HI. The same amazing mix of old and new is there, including some new hits, such as Undefeated and OriginalFake.

The new spot is dope, to say the least. The same iconic Leilow gear is there… the boombox with horns, the Isaac Hayes Black Moses cover, the neon sign. All of it has made the trek across the way to the new Leilow.

For more amazing pics of the new Leilow’s interior, check out the atypicalFLICKR.

Props to Jules for helping bring true streetwear style to Hawaii.