Introducing… Miss Yumi


If you haven’t noticed by now, there’s a new logo out on the front page and on the masthead of the atypicalLIVING web site. Well, that was created by the very lovely Miss Yumi. Paris-born and Maryland-bred, Hawaii by nature, and currently rocking heads in Seattle, the multi-talented threat is set to take things over and… well, I’ll let her explain…

Miss Yumi has been on the run since December of 2005. She holds two passports and has gone under the names of Aeros, Ginny and SansSerif. Reports say that after attending the Maryland Institute College of Art (also known as MICA, in Baltimore, MD), she gained illustration, printmaking and painting skills and promptly flew over to the island of O’ahu to try her hand at surf, sun and relaxation. After a year in paradise, Miss Yumi returned to the Atlantic coast to pay her dues in New York City as an art director. Since then, she has returned to the Hawaiian islands to recuperate, but only to swindle her way to Portland, OR and Seattle, WA. It is believed that she is currently working down by the pier, designing collateral for Unicef. Sources say Miss Yumi may have a plan or two to head back to the Northeast within the year.
I don’t think there’s much more to say except to check out her site here and be on the lookout for the next collabo.
atypicalLIVING got mad love for Miss Yumi and wishes she would just relent and come back to Hawaii. In the meantime, good luck handling business and reppin’ Hawaii on the mainland.
atypicalLIVING vs. Miss Yumi: Springtime Sexy 2008.