ICONSport: To Hell and Back 


Hawaii’s own Kala Kolohe Hose will battle Phil Baroni in the main event of this Saturday’s ICONSport event: To Hell and Back.

The match is important, as it is for the vacant ICONSport middleweight title. The title was vacated, as then-champion Robbie Lawler pulled out of two consecutive title defenses against Hose. Now, Kala Hose must take on the New York Bad Ass for the belt.

The rest of the card looks like this:

Phil Baroni vs. Kala Kolohe Hose
Jeremy Williams vs. Auggie Padekan
Tyson Nam vs. Russell Doane
Ross Ebanez vs. Brennan Kamaka
Sadhu Bott vs. Bronson Pieper
Wayne Perrin vs. Koa Ramos
P.J. Dean vs. Eddie Rincon
Matt Comeau vs. Elias De Los Reyes
Nui Wheeler vs. Jay Bolos
Alan Lima vs. David Padilla
Dwayne Haney vs. Zack Rapal
Colin MacKenzie vs. Ricky Wallace
Konale vs. Ikaika Moreno

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