Fitted Hawaii Lauhala Kamehameha Hat


This Saturday (3.15.08) marks the release of the long anticipated Lauhala version of the Kamehameha Fitted Hawaii Hat.

This one is special, only because Fitted has been teasing this hat for what seems to be years now. Soon, this hat will become reality.

The woven straw on the hat is definitely significant to Hawaii in that the inspiration is Lauhala, a straw weaving technique that spanned from baskets to mats to even shelter for homes.  The Lauhala pattern was chosen because it represented the strength and unity of the people of Hawaii.  The weaving also represents the Melting Pot of people and styles that Hawaii is known for.

In addition to the sick hat, Fitted is also dropping a brown shirt with the Lauhala pattern on the fill.

As always, this set will drop promptly this Saturday and it’s first come, first served. Phone orders will be taken after 12pm Hawaii time.

For more information, check out Fitted Hawaii.