Shop*a*lea this week at Ala Moana 


Today starts the biggest shopping event that’s ever been seen in the history of Ala Moana.  The event, which runs today until next Sunday, will feature demonstrations and personal appearances by fashion gurus and celebrity chefs, as well as giveaway aplenty throughout the next week.

The crown jewel of the event is the grand opening of Nordstrom (aka that huge structre they’ve been building on Kapiolani) and a slew of other stores.  I’m perosnally stoked that they’ve decided to bring in a Metropark to liven up the shopping atmosphere at Ala Moana.  It’s still shopping inside of a mall, but it’ll be a lot more lively.

The list of events can be found here.

For more information on the event, check out the shop*a*lea website.