atypicalLIVING covers… French Dunny Release at Urbanz Toys 


The French Dunny series got released with a bang this past week at Urbanz Toys in Kaimuki. Urbanz and Kid Robot provided Hawaii’s toy collecting massive with a special release/trading party featuring all things French: red and white wine, creme puffs, brie and fig tarts and… French Fries. Yes, French Fries. Nothing screams classy like French Fries.

Anyway, the release was pretty epic and Urbanz actually got a pretty good amount of stock in. And what a lucky bunch Urbanz got, as not one, but TWO golden tickets were found in the boxes. One was found by buttrpecan1 and the other found by Kathy herself. SO, to spread the karma, she hooked me up with a freebie box to go along with the traditional last two in the case that I normally do at these types of events. The freebie one turned out to be the green one in the toy pic, along side the white hunter dude (1/100) and the gray carbon neutral one, which, from a design standpoint, is pretty interesting.




Overall, it was a well done event by the Urbanz kids.  Seeing the collectors en masse was a great and the wine really helped out with some trades.  Seriously.

Awesome job and props to Kathy and Scott for throwing this together.  Now, if I can only petition Kid Robot to make the next Dunny series L.A. based so there can be some bandannas and 40s in brown bags at the next event.

One can dream, right?

Check out the rest of the photos from the event in the atypical Flickr.

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