Fitted $10 Sale and Sunday Pa’ina 


And you thought the BBQ pic from the Mets remix cap was a fake…

The whole Fitted Ohana will be throwing down a special party/sale to celebrate… well, celebrate doing it big. The dope part: everything on the floor is $10. First come, first served, first pick. You know how that goes.

The even doper part? The Fitted Crew will be throwing a barbecue in the parking lot. That’s right, you’re reading the flyer correct: free barbecue and free Vitamin Water.

It’s a Sunday afternoon barbecue and everyone is invited. Seriously.

The barbecue goes down at Fitted Hawaii on Kona Street, behind Ala Moana. The prices drop and food hits the grill promptly at 11am.  And the party doesn’t stop until 5pm.  The weather is looking hopeful, so things should be going off without a hitch.

Props to the whole Fitted crew, the aloha is definitely felt there.

For more on what’s in stock, check out the Fitted Hawaii site.