Dunny Trading party this Thursday at Urbanz Toys

Urbanz Toys, in association with Kid Robot, will be hosting yet another Dunny Trading Party, coinciding with the release of the French Dunny Series.  Currently, the Urbanz Gang is out of town for a business trip, but they’ll be open this Thursday night for all the festivities.

As is tradition with the Trading Party, Urbanz will be closed until 6PM that day and will extend their hours until 9PM.  Expect food, trading, prize giveaways and, oh yeah, the release of the French Dunny Series.  The Urbanz boards have been ablaze with trades, so, if you got some vinyl you need to get, that’s the spot to hit up.  Plus, you get to place names with faces, so that’s always a plus.

As is tradition with me and Lofa, we’ll be there to cover the whole thing, and we’ll be the ones that buy the last two Dunnies, so, prepare for the hilarity to ensue from that.

So, to recap, the Dunny Trading party and French Dunny Release is this Thursday night at 6PM at Urbanz Toys in Kaimuki.

For more info, and directions on how to get there, hit up the Urbanz Toys website.

For more info on Dunny, check out the Kid Robot site.