Caught Sleeping: Fitted “Fish and Poi” Shirt 


Man, we got caught sleeping on this shirt.

Being of the more robust variety, this is a shirt me and Lofa would definitely be all over.  The laundry list of local favorites is mnd numbing and mouth watering at the same time.  Throw in the fact that the fill is of the classic take out continer variety and you got the makings of an ill shirt that SCREAMS Hawaii.  Illness abounds on this one, definitely.

This one is available now and is limited, so if you want, go get now… well, when the store opens up at least.  Guaranteed, this one is will be a hot seller and it would be a darn shame if this wasn’t available in bigger sizes.  But, the Fitted crew is down with the plight of the big man, so you know the multiple X sizes will be in full effect.

Now, time for some dinner…

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