The Superest of Tuesdays

Today, in the grand scheme of things, is actually pretty huge.  Besides the fact that it’s Fat Tuesday (the day before Lent begins) and Super Tuesday (the day where half the country votes in primary elections), it’s also Malasada Tuesday.

Yes, it;s a tradition that stretches back to… who knows when, really. Malasada Tuesday came about because of Lent, as many Catholics would traditionally give up either sweets, sugars, or breads for the Lent Season.  Seeing as how the malasada is all three of those things, Leonard’s began pushing the day before Ash Wednesday as Malasada Tuesday.  Think of it as a way to get one last guilty indulgence before committing to abstain from it until Easter.

So, find one of the red and white trucks today, load up on a dozen or three of those fried spheres of goodness and be prepared, Easter is March 23rd.

For more info on where to find a Leonard’s truck, click here for the Leonard’s website.