atypicalLIVING covers: s/o x woes


For the first atypicalLIVING covers… of 2008, we got a little help from Mr. John Hook: talented photographer, skater, artist, toy aficionado, and all around dope human being.  He was gracious enough to bless atypicalLIVING with shots from the split obsession x angry woebots show this past Saturday.  The turn out was tremendous, with people as far as France and Germany calling the store to buy up the Hawaii exclusives.  But, as is tradition with the s/o crew, Hawaii heads get first crack… and, if you slept on it, you missed out and some other lucky dude out there got yours.

So, check out the flicks, check out the hit up munny and the tech gadgets that woes went all over, including an iPhone.

Props to split obsession for a dope show, John Hook for the photos and to angry woebots for keeping Hawaii on their toes.