Soul Clap – exclusive Grand Opening Party 

This month’s edition of Soul Clap has a special feeling behind it, a feeling of new beginnings. Not only does it mark the first Soul Clap of 2008, but it also doubles as the grand opening party for exclusive.

The usual suspects will be there (Compose, Jami, Eskae), along with visuals from Okto Hekion. For those that don’t know, exclusive is Hawaii’s first all-female streetwear boutique, offering such brands as WeSC, Upper Playground, Fafi, and Tripp NYC. It’s for the ladies, by the ladies.

The flyer also doubles as a coupon, allowing you to get 20% off one item during your next visit.

Soul Clap, as always, originates out of thirtyninehotel during the last Friday of every month. The party starts at 9pm and keeps rockin until 2am. For more info and details on how to get on the guest list, check out ESKAE’s website and exclusive’s online spot.