MacBook Air 


No, I’m not talking about a pair of kicks or even the latest Nike+ shoe.

This is the newest thing that Uncle Steve dropped on the world.  One year after announcing the iPhone, he comes back with a vengeance with the unleashing of MacBook Air.  Think of it as an ultraportable Mac that can be rocked anywhere.  This one was designed with Rick Ross in mind, as you’ll no doubt be everyday hustlin’ with this joint.

13″ screen, 0.76 inches thick, and less than 3 pounds, this one is the laptop to be seen carrying around.

There are so many dope features, it would be a shame to try and list them all.  But, two that stand out are Remote Disk, which means you can hijack a Mac or PC optical drive to install applications on the computer, and the new multi-touch trackpad.

I dig the ability to just rent movies from iTunes wirelessly as well.

Overall, the hype looks to be worth it, as the need for an ultraportable Mac has now been answered.

Now, to only come up with that $1800.  Lofa needs a new laptop.

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