NSK x [aL] giveaway


This weekend marked the release of the Nocturnal Sound Krew’s first ever mixtape Can’t Noc The Hustle vol. 1, a mixtape by DJ Compose and hosted by Tassho Pearce aka EMIRC.

So, what does the Honolulu Bird Gang want to do to celebrate this epic release and to celebrate the 10th anniversary of NSK?

How about a giveaway?

So, as a special bonus from NSK, we’re giving away a special edition package to you, the customer.

The Noc Boys have provided a copy of the new mixtape, an issue of SMART magazine and a special edition Nocturnal Sound Krew t-shirt (size men’s L).

How do you get your hands on this special edition package?

  • email atypicalliving@gmail.com
  • in the subject line: The Noc Boys In The Building Tonight
  • in the body of the email: name, email address, contact number
  • one entry per person
  • bribery gets you nowhere, again
  • entries will be accepted from now until Wednesday night.
  • Winner will be contacted Thursday night via email.

Props to Eskae for hooking it up with the package.  Look for the next volume of the mixtape series from Eskae in March.

For more, check out The Bird Gang’s new website.