Nike Air Flight Windmill



With the change in the calendar, that also means that the NBA season is in full swing. That also means that the Nike basketball athletes are flipping their kicks to the mid-season replacements.

So, what’s the big deal behind this shoe?

Well, this one was designed by Jason “AlphaProject” Petrie, who hooked atypicalLIVING up with the first ever cuneiforms article back in 2005 and a tour of the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton. So, we always got love for our homies that are doing their thing.

As far as the shoe goes, this shoe is part of the HyperFlight family of sneakers and, besides the funky strap system, features a zoom air pocket riding shotgun in the heel.

The shoe is hot and definitely looks like its built for your small, quick guards, ala Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, or Tony Parker.

Look for these to hit store shelves this month, with the Player Exclusive editions hitting the House of Hoops on 1/19.