Valentine’s Day Air Max 95s



Even though Valentine’s Day isn’t coming up for another month and a half, it’s never too early to start thinking about gifts for that special someone. For the lady that loves all things sneakers, the final episode of Cuneiforms for 2007 will focus on this year’s edition of the Valentine’s Day Air Max from Nike.

This has practically become a staple for Nike to release a shoe for Valentine’s Day. Normally, the shoe would be an Air Max model (usually a 95) and another casual shoe, being a Dunk or Ai Force 1. This year, they went with the retro shoe du jour: The Court Force HI.

The 95 has some interesting details, including the heart pattern on the waves, a heart in between the Air Max 95 logo, and a heart pattern on the sockliner and toecap.

Definitely a refreshing departure from the usually re-based colorway of the Valentine’s Shoe.

So, keep this in mind as you shop for your lady this holiday season… or, for the girls reading… start dropping major hints that this is what you want. Trust me, guys are super thick about stuff like that. The more reminders, the better.

Check out the detailed shots below the break.