A Christmas Story

If you haven’t had the chance to check out a calendar today, it’s Christmas Eve.  That pretty much marks two things: 1) if you haven’t finished Christmas shopping, you should do so. 2) the year is quickly wrapping up.

And, of course, on Tuesday, everything except Chinese restaurants and the movies will be open for perusing. Most people will be inside, enjoying the holiday with their loved ones, opening gifts and playing with their new iPods. But, with all this holly jolly going on, the true reason for this day gets lost in the shuffle.

Well, we here at atypicalLIVING wear our faith on our sleeves, so we’re gonna share the real Christmas Story. No, not the one with the BB gun and the leg lamp, but the one with an unplanned pregnancy, single motherhood, and farm animals.For those that need a point of reference, I’m pulling out of the NIV version of the Bible in Luke 2:1-20.

Basically, Mary was a single mom (she was engaged to Joseph, they didn’t hitch up yet) and Jesus came out of nowhere, conceived immaculately directly from the Lord. They head over to their hometown to take part of the yearly census and need a place to crash out. They find all the spots taken up by people who used Travelocity to book their rooms ahead of time, so they find a comfy spot in the barn.

Joseph is starting to freak out because his wife-to-be is going into the motions. So, they clear a spot and the 6 pound, 8 ounce Little Baby Jesus was ushered into the world. Again, no place for a bed, so they improvised and turned a normal feeding trough into a makeshift crib. A young family with few resources because the catalyst for the Lord’s work. Pretty dope, no?

Once this happened, many scholars claim that this coincided with a supernova or some other celestial event, thus explaining the star that led the wisemen to Jesus.

The society at large have commercialized the holiday, but the real reason for the season is the birth of Jesus, the once and future King.

So, take a second and reflect on why we got this day off and why we hook each other up with presents.