groundUP Pirates present “Invisible Giants”

groundUP Pirates present

Just when you thought that was it for the year…

…the groundUP Pirates crew comes back for another dope art show.

The usual suspects are back for one last go-round for 2007. The amazing collection of audio, visual, and fashion is back, as well as the live mural. But, that’s where the similarities end. The Invisible Giants will feature the first team mural battle. Three teams full of Hawaii’ best will be battling it out for supremacy and bragging rights as the best team.

To list down the entire teams would just not be doing justice to how dope this battle will be. Just check the flyer for the teams and be prepared for an amazing mural to come out from all three teams.

Also, the amazing amount of people performing and doing displays would also be too much for words. Just know that this is the art event to hit up. I honestly don’t you could get much better than this lineup.

Invisible Giants goes down this Saturday night at the Chinatown Courtyard at 1116 Smith Street. Doors open at 7PM and rocks until midnight. $7 gets you in the door, $5 if you got a groundUP shirt, a collar or a skirt on.

For more info, check out the groundUP myspace.