Pool Rules, the Hawaii stop 


Pool Rules is the Hawaii Stop of Hurley’s “Against The Grain”artist series. The show will feature art from over 20 skateboarding legends, including Oahu residents Shogo Kubo and Jef Hartsel. Kubo, as many of you know, is one of the original Z-Boys. Hartsel is an accomplished skaeboarder and graphic designer, working for such companies as Vans, Alva Skates, Hawaiian Island Creations and Jimmy’z. He currently serves as the creative director for Poetree.

The event is this Thursday night at Next Door (43 Hotel St.) and is free to the public. The doors open at 8pm.

The dope part about this event is that it’s a fundraiser for the Grind For Life organization. I’ll be honest: I’ve never heard of Grind For Life until now. After clicking their website and checking out what they’re all about, I kinda wish I knew them before this. It’s skateboarding vs. cancer. And you guys already know my stance on the whole cancer issue. It’s a dope charity and it’s serving the greater purpose, which is helping other find a cure. I dig it and hope you will throw your support their way. I’m officially adding their name to the atypicalLIVING Charities We Support list.

You can check out Mike Rogers and his mission at http://www.GrindForLife.org