The Sugar Bowl 

Well, it was bound to happen, right?

New Year’s Day will be extra festive, as the Warriors take on the University of Georgia Bulldogs of the SEC in the Sugar Bowl.  This one is gonna be pretty good, as I don’t think anyone wants to face the Warriors right now, especially after last night’s nail biter.

So, imagine the story line that plays out next year, as he Warroirs, fresh off their win in the Sugar Bowl… take on Urban Meyer and the Florida Gators in the swamp.

I’m loving it already.

Today’s big loser was Missouri.  A day after getting womped by OU and having his Heisman dreams dashed, Chase Daniel must travel down, with their porous run defense, to Texas to take on Darren McFadden and Alabama in the Cotton Bowl.

Today’s big winner was Illinois.  After defeating the then #1 (and current BCS Title Game participant) Ohio State, they get the benefit of tradition as the Big 10 representative in the Rose Bowl vs. Pac 10 champs USC.  Let’s hope we get the Zooker and Juice to run the spread against the men of Troy.

OSU-LSU Title game?  Intriguing, but not surprising, considering these two were near the top the whole year.  Les Miles IS a Michigan man, so beating Ohio State for a National Title would be pretty satisfying.

And remember, last year, OSU was in the exact same situation with almost a month in between games.  And look how that turned out.

So, it’s prediction time from Mr. Honeydew:

  • LSU will be winning the National Title
  • Illinois will put up a fight, but will fall short to USC
  • Virginia Tech will have too much karma going for them and will win the Orange Bowl
  • Oklahoma gets some retribution and wins the Fiesta Bowl this year
  • And, of course: Colt, Davone, Rivers, RGM and CJ will romp the Bulldogs in the Big Easy
  • Boise State will get the crowd support in Aloha Stadium as they romp East Carolina in the Hawaii Bowl
  • The Sun Bowl is very underrated, as South Florida takes on Oregon.
  • Also, look for Michigan vs. Florida in the Capital One bowl.  Definitely a good game there.