Signs and Wonders 

So, I called Ian after taking a “victory” shower, I guess.

He mentioned he took a similar shower during halftime and found his Colt Brennan jersey.  He also found his Mardi Gras  Air Trainers.  Coincidence?

This was a fitting ending for a season where UH had nail-biters all year long.  I’ll admit to freaking out a little after the fumbles and being down 21-0.  But, I remembered the other time I thought about bailing out: San Jose State.  14 points in less than 4 minutes.

So, nothing to worry about.

That was a pretty epic win.

Now, the waiting game.  BCS game is in the future, but which one, not too sure.

Now, with that out of the way, time for some criticism (as per usual with me):

  • Run Defense: Granted, the last two weeks were against pretty good runners, but we missed some pretty easy open field tackles.  We’re not going to get any gimmes in the BCS game.
  • Inexperienced runners: When we had to rush the ball, we went with a combination of a freshman tailback (Pilares) and a converted wide receiver (Libre).  Sure, we don’t need to run the ball with our passing game, but to chew up the clock, this is key.  Also, this tandem of runners lead to unsure hands, as was evident with the fumbles.
  • The Mainland Factor: This was brought up in the last game.  UH defense is two different teams.  The offense gives you the same show, but the defense has gone from lights out at home (Second half against UW), to what the… on the road (up until overtime at San Jose State).  Not a good thing if they’re going to be playing in a BCS game.

Other than that, let the celebrating begin… until tomorrow, when everyone complains about the bowl matchup.  Or, God forbid, we don’t even get in.  THEN, you’ll hear some major complaining.

My predictions: If LSU doesn’t get into the BCS Title Game, the it’s the Sugar Bowl vs. LSU.

If LSU gets into the title game, we could be looking at Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl (how fitting), Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl or (and this is the one I’m hoping for) if Ohio State AND LSU get into the Title game, that leaves…

The Rose Bowl vs. USC

Now, for a season as wacky as it’s been, that isn’t actually too far-fetched.