Dallas vs. Green Bay

That was definitive.

So, Dallas got the inside track to the Super Bowl and now controls their destiny
when it comes to the playoffs.  Tony Romo and T.O. were pretty much playing pitch and catch for most of the game.  Brett Favre looked like the old Brett Favre, not the new and focused Brett Favre.

In fact, I’ll go one further… Brett Favre reminded me of Uncle Rico.

Especially interception #1, where you could probably insert the “I can throw a football a 1/4 mile” soundbite, then cut in the shot with Uncle Rico flicking the steak at Napoleon on the bike.

Yeah, that sounds about right.

In other news…

I checked out Prototype and saw the new Fumanchu shirts that dropped.  Super official and they definitely get the atypicalLIVING seal of approval.  Check out the photos in the Daily Drop section here.

Also, I’ve been feeling the Notorious B.I.G. mixtape from Mick Boogie.  It’s super official, check it out here.

Also, I’m officially veinte seises.  Yikes, time to live it up before it’s too late.

And, before you ask, tonight’s plans will include work, trying to read for class, dinner at Shokudo, and hopefully Soul Clap at thirtyninehotel.  Wish me a happy day of birth anniversary and I’ll give you a hug or something.  Yeah.