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  • atypicalLIVING 12:37 am on November 30, 2007 Permalink | Reply
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    Dallas vs. Green Bay 

    That was definitive.

    So, Dallas got the inside track to the Super Bowl and now controls their destiny
    when it comes to the playoffs.  Tony Romo and T.O. were pretty much playing pitch and catch for most of the game.  Brett Favre looked like the old Brett Favre, not the new and focused Brett Favre.

    In fact, I’ll go one further… Brett Favre reminded me of Uncle Rico.

    Especially interception #1, where you could probably insert the “I can throw a football a 1/4 mile” soundbite, then cut in the shot with Uncle Rico flicking the steak at Napoleon on the bike.

    Yeah, that sounds about right.

    In other news…

    I checked out Prototype and saw the new Fumanchu shirts that dropped.  Super official and they definitely get the atypicalLIVING seal of approval.  Check out the photos in the Daily Drop section here.

    Also, I’ve been feeling the Notorious B.I.G. mixtape from Mick Boogie.  It’s super official, check it out here.

    Also, I’m officially veinte seises.  Yikes, time to live it up before it’s too late.

    And, before you ask, tonight’s plans will include work, trying to read for class, dinner at Shokudo, and hopefully Soul Clap at thirtyninehotel.  Wish me a happy day of birth anniversary and I’ll give you a hug or something.  Yeah.

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    … and I just found my match. 

    Ricoh GR Digital II

    Sweet, merciful CRAP.

    Seriously, if you guys don’t know, then you won’t know. Just examine, if you will, the example of photos taken with this beauty’s predecessor on flickr. Just gorgeous.

    Also, this camera is NOT for the average user. For one, the lens is FIXED (i.e. no zoom). Secondly, there’s no viewfinder (not like many of us use it anyway). Thirdly, there’s no real bells and whistles here, with the exception of the 10.3 MP imager.BUT, and here’s the kicker, the lens is SWEET DESTRUCTION. The noise that this produces is the closest one can get to film quality without hours of extensive post-production. This is why a lot of the photos you see taken with the Ricoh GR Digital I is in black and white. The lens and imager, plus the noise factor, makes it ideal for artsy shots like that.

    The matte black and rubber handle screams professional, while the image quality begs to be printed out.

    I might have been in the market for a dSLR, but who isn’t rockin’ the SLR right now? I wanna make art, not money.

    So, after I get my initial investment of $700 out of the way…

    Who am I kidding, I’d still get the D40x first… but this one is the take around town joint.

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    Black Friday Pickups and Miscues 

    So, how did your Black Friday go?

    If it was anything like mine, you would have to say that it was kinda strange. It started with me waking up LATE for work. Getting caught in traffic. Getting chewed out AT work. Fighting my way through the crowds at the Kicks/HI Black Friday Sale.

    It wasn’t so bad though…

    Got the next two days off, thanks Jax.

    And I managed to get into the sale in a reasonable amount of time.

    AND, I managed to score some dope crap while in there.




    $30 Stabs?  Polka Square and Kermit the Frog? You darn skippy.

    Now, you’re probably wondering what was in the third box?  Well, that’s Ian’s Christmas gift, so I’m not revealing that anytime soon.

    Anyway, I’ve come to realize that I have a lot to be thankful for.  Today was just the realization of that.

    Plus, Diego’s to cap things off?  So necessary.

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    breaking it down for Black Friday 

    That’s what tonight will consist for me.  I’ll actually be at work from 8PM to God only know, making the store all prettified.

    Holy Crap, that word didn’t pop up the spell check.  Werd.

    Anyway, the soundtrack for the day is Fiddy’s Curtis.  I’m just in a gangsta type of mood.  After about a month of Consequence, Kanye, Common and a full week and a half of the Alicia Keys CD, I need something that’s pretty aggressive.

    I’m actually feeling “Peep Show” right now.  This is what it sounds like when I’m breaking it down.

    So, Black Friday is the most intense shopping day of the year.  It’s the official, unofficial beginning of Christmas shopping.  I got the spot I’m gonna hit up after work tomorrow… and if you know me at all, you know what I’m trying to get right now.  Also, I’m trying to knock out some Christmas shopping online.  I’m not trying to mess with the mall this year.  I’ve already got to deal with the mall while working, I don’t need to deal with it more than that.

    Also, apologies to anyone I dealt with yesterday.  I wasn’t in the most jovial of moods, so I wasn’t my usual, cheery self.  Sorry.

    Go find some music online and cheer yourself up.  Especially that Celine Dion cover of Heart’s “Alone.”  Yeah, go look for that and tell me it’s not awesome.  I effin’ dare you.

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    a late night display of power 

    Tonight was kinda weird.

    (More …)

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    iTunes Roulette: pre-Thanksgiving Day edition 


    It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, so here we go…

    iTunes Roulette:

    1. select your MP3 player of choice (iPod/iTunes/Zune/SideKick)
    2. Select the Shuffle All Songs option
    3. List the next 10 songs and the reason why you have it

    Now that we’ve covered the rules, let’s continue with this edition of iTunes Roulette. BTW, I’m using the ever present optimus grime iPhone.

    (More …)

  • atypicalLIVING 1:13 am on November 18, 2007 Permalink | Reply  

    aL showdown: Touch vs. Sidekick 

    In response to Mike Fuji’s recent conundrum, I’m going to do a complete post on this.

    SO, as of right now, there are two things (three if you count half of a dSLR), that you should spend $300 on right now:

    1. iPod Touch
    2. Sidekick LX

    So, which one do you choose? Well, that’s what I’m here to find out. Let’s take the
    pros and cons of each item and see what’s good.

    (More …)

    • Steve Polychronopolous 12:49 am on November 20, 2007 Permalink | Reply

      After having the Sidekick LX for a couple days I’d like to contribute some first hand experiences:

      The size is slighly larger (although thinner) than the T-Mobile Sidekick 3, yet the boxier shape or it hides it well. It really ‘feels’ smaller than the Sidekick 3. The screen appears to be covered by either glass or a much better acrylic than its predecessor, and doesnt appear to scratch as easily – similar to the iPhone/iPod Touch.

      The 3.5mm is fantasic. Why don’t more “music” phones have this feature? Also supporting microSDHC, as far as i know, up to 6gb microSD cards have been verified as working on the LX. Leaving room for expansion in the future. The mp3 player is simple and laid out well, allowing for playlists and organization by album/artist/genre/etc. The buttons on the edges of the phone double as music controls, which are fabulous.

      Browser speeds are just the same as they were on the 3, EDGE is slow, but totally usable when the internet is trimmed down via Danger’s servers. In a head to head EDGE competition, the LX would spank the iPhone because of this (of course WiFi is a different story). The browser also handles javascript a little better than before, but still takes forever to run some scripts before the page is fully loaded.

      The usual problems exist but mainly from T-Mobile. Any sidekick user knows the “dancing dots” or hearing AIM play 10 “sign off” alerts in a row like an assault rifle. MSN and Yahoo Messengers don’t seem to be able to maintain a connection like AIM does. The hardware can’t be blamed for this. But we can blame Sharp for the trackball that seems to get filthy like nobody’s business.

      New features include the mood lights around the housing, which are stylish but a bit too flashy at times – luckily you have the option to disable and enable this feature whenever you want. MMS is now standard, but I could count on one hand the number of people I know who actually use MMS (Picture Messaging).

      What they shoud’ve and could’ve added for it’s $399 retail price:
      -full Bluetooth support. A2DP and OBEX PLEASE!
      -higher resolution camera and video support. sure we dont need it, but that doesn’t mean we dont want it
      -WiFi antenna. reduce the load on your servers and make some consumers happy? who wouldnt want this in the phone?

      And now the iPod touch…
      I don’t own one, but I’ve had a lot of time to spend with the iPod touch. Very impressive, but the best iPod ever? I think not. Some people don’t consider it fair to compare the iPod Touch to the iPhone, but blame it on Apple for making them so similar.

      The size is very impressive. Incredibly thin, easy to carry – case or not. Not big on one side being scratch proof and the other side being a scratch magnet, but any former iPod owner should be used to it by now. I kinda think it gives them character. What the iPod Touch could’ve really used are some media player buttons on the side of the device. You know, the things you usually do with an iPod like Skip/Pause, or adjust the volume maybe? Maybe I’m just too accustomed to the iPod Shuffle, but I really dislike having to Look at the device just to turn down the volume a little. Maybe in the next generation.

      Personally, i hate coverflow. But it’s mainly my fault for never having updated my itunes library with album art. It’s a flashy feature, yes – and if you are the type to listen to music album by album this is definitely a winner. I’m more of the ‘shuffle’ type of person. When will they ever add rewind/skip/shuffle buttons to the coverflow menu…? That’s really all I ask. Again the mystery of the missing controls…

      The calender makes for a decent organize if you’re a fan of iCal. Thank’s Mr. Jobs for hearing our cries.

      Safari is excellent. WiFi is definitely a winner. Tabbed browsing is a dream. Online apps work just as they do on the iPhone. Very nice. If you’re lucky enough to be a student or work at someplace with their own wireless connection – you’ll always have the internet in your pocket. But i’d imagine there will be times you really wish you could find a free one.

      Youtube. Nuff said.

      Watching movies is totally doable, the screen is just big enough to stare at for more than 5 minutes at a time (unlike the 5th Gen iPod ‘video’). If you buy your movies from iTunes, you’re all set. If not, once you get your operation setup, you’ll be watching the Italian Job @ work in no time. Just hope you have a few extra gigs of space on your hard drive ready.

      And then there’s always room for 3rd party apps, I think this is where the iPod touch takes the cake. The possiblities are endless. Add notes, mail, IM clients, IRC clients, games. Why not? It’s not like it’s an iPhone.

      What they shoud’ve and could’ve added for it’s $299-$399 retail price:
      -WiFi syncing. I’d love to come home throw my iPod on the charger or speaker set, then maybe get the urge to upload some songs without having to plug it into the computer. It’s there, let us do it.
      -Internal speaker, maybe even a little one. ok maybe not, it’s still just an iPod. but it would be great for watching movies or podcasts before bed.
      -Again, we need external music player controls. think of the runners, the drivers, and everybody who just cant stare at their 3.5 inch touchscreen all day.
      -More standard apps please… if we’re not supposed to jailbreak these things, at least give us a couple more games and useful applications to play with when we’re no where near a WiFi hotspot.

      And that’s why I disagree that it’s the best iPod ever. It does a lot of things, and it does them nicely – but it really doesnt play music as easily as an… iPod does. Perhaps in the near future they’ll release something similar to the FM remote and completely change my point of view. Until then, wait til the next revision.

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    Finally remembered the password to the site 

    So, the atypicalLIVING wordpress is up and running once again. Hope you like the new digs, as we’ll be doing more to this spot in the coming weeks heading into the new year.

    I’ll be contributing to this spot for the time being, though I WILL be adding contributers to the site shortly. Doing the site on my own has been a challenge, but I’m looking forward to the expanded role that the extra contributers will bring to the table. I’ll probably be blogging on here more often than not, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.

    In the meantime, check out the atypicalLIVING homepage at http://www.atypicalLIVING.com

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